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I originally created this blog in the spring of 2008 for my students in a college course entitled “Literary Theory and Criticism,” but I intentionally write for a broader audience, including friends, colleagues, and random passers-by. Although during the spring semester the topics for each post inevitably follow from my course’s syllabus, they are also topical topics — responding to recent cultural events or new ideas about old events — and hopefully are interesting to even somebody who has never read Theory (with a capital T) before.



  1. Hello! I really enjoyed reading your blog and find it really inspiring. I’m an English major at the university and although I took a theory class, I still can’t apply the theories such as deconstructism into my writing. 😦 Looking forward to you blogging again!

    Comment by Charlotte | October 28, 2011 | Reply

  2. Hey! I am a passer-by! I really enjoyed reading your blog!!! I’m mezmerized by your writing especially the one entitled “Ninja Women in Iran”! I graduated from English department major at Linguististics. Well, I do love semiotics! Maybe your writing can inspire me to write a research for my graduate study! Keep on writing man! By the way, where are you from? where are you teaching at? I’m from Indonesia!

    Comment by Zoe | February 27, 2012 | Reply

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