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Aphorism #2

A little over a month ago [here], I thought I might experiment around with writing aphorisms. And as you can see if you look over at the list of categories on the side of your screen, I even made a separate category just for aphorisms, right above some other categories such as feminism, finance, food, global, etc. But I never got around to writing any more aphorisms until today. It’s harder than I thought. The writer James Geary mentions in his book about the history of the aphorism, which he discussed in an interview on NPR [here], that Mark Twain once defined aphorism as “a minimum of sound to a maximum of sense.” Since I originally created this blog as part of my classes on theory and culture, I speculated that aphorisms are like theory distilled into a short, pithy sentence or two. Anyway, here it is, my aphorism #2:

There is no real freedom without irony and laughter, for it is through the window of irony that we see how we are not free, ha ha.


February 27, 2011 - Posted by | aphorisms

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